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Portable Generators

For many of us that portable generator we purchased 10 years ago after a big storm is sitting in the corner of the garage, unused because it is just to much work. Rader Electric can make that generator better for you and easier to use.

Generator Transfer service for Portable Generators is a fairly straight forward install and will provide you a safer and much simpler, one cord, method of connecting your generator to your electrical service and eliminate the need for cords running all over the house or worrying about safety. This install takes a few hours and will make your life, after a storm, easier.

Tips for using your Generator;

  1. Gas cans; Don’t buy a 5 gallon gas can, they are too heavy. Buy 2, 2.5 gallon cans, they are much easier to use.
  2. Make sure your generator runs approximately once per month. Use a hair dryer or portable heater plugged into each outlet to make sure your getting power.
  3. After each generator use, a product like "STABIL” should be used. This should be added to the fuel tank according to the products instructions. It will prevent the fuel from becoming stale and foul your generator while it sits in the corner of your garage.
  4. After adding the stabilizer, run the generator for a couple of minutes then shut off the gas supply valve. The generator will then shut down on its own without leaving fuel in the system.
  5. If you choose our generator transfer service, the next time you need your generator, you will have only one cord to connect. Then start your generator and flip the transfer switch. You are now up and running.
  6. After you have used your generator and followed tip #3, take the balance of the gas you purchased that is left in the cans and pour in your cars gas tank leaving the cans empty. When you need your generator again you can purchase fresh gas, without worry how old your stored gas is.
  7. If you have an electric start generator make sure you read and follow the instructions for keeping the battery charged.
  8. Use your generator ONLY in a well ventilated area.


  • If your garage is attached to your home DO NOT run the generator in your garage. Carbon monoxide will migrate into your home.
  • Your generator gets very hot and needs lots of air. DO NOT run your generator near flammable material or in an enclosed space.
  • DO NOT run your generator out in the rain. Water and electricity do not mix and you will ruin your generator.
  • DO NOT plug or unplug your extension cordswhile the generator is running.
  • DO NOT refill the gas tank while the generator is running. Shut down the generator and let it cool for a short time then refill. Clean up any over spill before you re-start.
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